Is Dental Treatment Abroad A Good Idea?

Is Dental Treatment Abroad A Good Idea?

Evaluate the risks before opting for dentistry overseas.

Here at your local Egham dentist we offer a wide range of general and cosmetic dentistry procedures that, as you would expect, are professional and utilise latest techniques. However, we know that not everybody looks to seek local dentistry services, and some people choose to pay for their dentistry abroad.

People choose to have dental treatment abroad because it is at least on a basic level, cheaper than dentistry in the UK. A comparative price for treatments, particularly cosmetic treatments would certainly show it is cheaper to have them abroad – at least on face value. Popular treatments might include things like teeth whitening, implants, crowns and veneers. The apparent advantages of doing this only tends to revolve around the treatment costs and potentially the surroundings you are in when getting the treatment done. People might travel to various places in Europe, and even further afield to places like Thailand and Africa for dental tourism.

The Problem With Dental Tourism

The key issue with dental tourism is that there are many risks associated with doing it. Any UK dentist will have had their fair share of patients coming in needing additional care and treatment following negative incidents surrounding dental tourism, and indeed most people have heard stories of the associated horror stories experienced by people who have done it.  Key risks of such “dental holidays abroad” include:

Qualifications & Regulations

Is the dentist treating you actually qualified to do so? It is so hard to ascertain whether or not the person has the right qualifications for the country you are in, and if they appear to have them, are they real? Of course there are qualified dentists in every country, but whether or not you happen to be seeing one of them is another story.


Are the materials being used to treat you legal and safe? If they are, they may well not be as high quality as the ones used in the UK, and therefore not last as long. This would be of the least concern though, as some materials and tools used may not be suitable for professional and medical use and may cause lasting damage and even pose a health risk to the individual exposed.


Certain procedures need months to complete, and may involve several return appointments to your Egham dentist. With dental tourism, all of this long term work can be squeezed into one short holiday which often is not appropriate, safe or effective.

Opt For Dental Work You Can Trust

Although it might seem like a great deal – getting a new smile and a holiday – the risks are so high, it really isn’t worth it. Long term damage to teeth, soft tissues or even your overall health, plus additional costs of fixing problems, and the potential for emotional trauma, all outweigh a transparent, long term general and cosmetic dental care plan with your local dentist.

So if you are interested in a consultation locally and minimising the risk of dental treatment, please call us on 01784432641 and we will be pleased to book you an appointment to talk about high quality, long-lasting, advanced and safe dental care.

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