Maintaining Dental Hygiene At Crown House, Egham

Maintaining Dental Hygiene At Crown House, Egham

Regular check-ups and prevention of gum disease.

At our Egham dental clinic we are passionate about preventing dental disease. Gum disease remains the leading cause of tooth loss in the UK, so there’s still a lot of work to do when it comes to working with patients to help them not only manage gum disease if they have it, but avoid and prevent it where possible, with maintenance and education.

Preventing gum disease is extremely important because it has been linked to lots of other health conditions, including diabetes and heart disease. This means that when we help you avoid or manage gum disease, we help you with your overall health as well as your dental health.

Visiting The Hygienist

Tooth decay and gum disease can often be found together. Decay can be prevented with excellent dental hygiene habits alongside preventative measures like fluoride toothpaste, fluoride applications and fissure sealants. With gum disease prevention, our hygienist at our Egham clinic is a leading source of knowledge and experience. She is able to:

●     Give you advice and guidance on how to clean your teeth – there isn’t one method that fits all when it comes to brushing and it is important to know the method that works best for your teeth

●     Give you advice and information about gum disease, talking you through how best to prevent it

●     Give you advice and guidance on how to avoid look after your gums properly in a way that is convenient and manageable for your lifestyle

●     Provide a scale and polish removing any hardened plaque

●     Give you a fluoride application and other treatments that might be needed

●     Apply fissure sealants

●     Perform some diagnostics like X Rays

How Is The Hygienist Different From The Dentist?

One way to consider this is that a hygienist is to a dentist what a nurse is to a doctor. However, the hygienist has experience and knowledge with gum disease and has a particular interest in this area. The role of the hygienist is to help maintain your teeth and help prevent gum disease. With more complex diagnostics or treatments you require a dentist, and more advanced gum disease may require a periodontist – but both work in conjunction with a hygienist and other members of the dental care team.

The majority of the preventative advice we give does leave a lot of emphasis on you to carry out out recommendations diligently. We provide all the treatments, advice, information and tools for you to have healthy teeth, but only you can act on that advice and information and work to have the healthiest possible teeth.

Book Your Hygienist Appointment With Crown House Dental

If you’re in need of a scale and polish, would like your teeth whitening, or simply want to enquire about our hygienist services, please call our Egham dentist on 01784432641 and we can give you more information and/or get you booked in.

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