8 Top Tips For A Tooth Friendly Easter

8 Top Tips For A Tooth Friendly Easter

Happy Easter from all of us at your local Egham dentist, Crown House Dental!

We are all excited for Easter, not just because it is great quality time to spend with family and friends, but also to get excited about the new season with Spring finally arriving.

The nights are getting longer and lighter, the weather is warming up (no more beasts from the east please!) and the plants are sprouting.

There is so much to celebrate! The only problem is, Easter can be a bit of a minefield for the teeth. There’s so much sugar and indulgence around, the teeth can suffer a little with it all. So with that in mind, here are our 8 top tips for a tooth friendly Easter to smile about:

1. Switch Out The Eggs For Other Treats

Your kids will want chocolate, but they will probably like some other kinds of treats as well. Why not switch some of the eggs they would usually have for non-food treats of the same value?

2. Get Crafty

Getting crafty helps your whole family spend time together, without hurting the teeth. Make Easter bonnets, decorations for your Easter tree and homemade Easter cards and get creative!

3. Focus On Sunday Lunch

Easter Sunday lunch is the biggest meal of the whole weekend, and it is a good excuse to get really creative in the kitchen. Make a wacky starter, and get the kids involved in making the stuffing balls, or cutting up vegetables in Easter shapes. Think outside the box and make it into an event.

4. Watch An Easter Film

There are lots of films with Easter themes that could be lovely to watch if it is raining outside. And it probably will be!

5. Go For A Walk

Go for a walk in the fresh air together and try and burn some calories ahead of your chocolate-athon!

6. Limit Chocolate Consumption To Mealtimes

You might not be able to do this, because kids are kids and they get very excited about Easter! So perhaps this won’t work for the Sunday, but for the rest of the weekend, you could limit chocolate consumption to mealtimes only. This limits how long sugar is coming into contact with the teeth.

7. Get Your Oral Health In Line

Get your oral health sorted so you can feel safe in the knowledge that although you’ve overindulged this weekend, most days you care for your teeth really well. Book your check up appointments with your Egham dentist, get a new toothbrush, check you’re brushing for two minutes for twice a day and feel great about having your oral health in line. Please call us on 01784432641 and we will happily make you an appointment at a time to suit you.

8. Consider Quitting A Bad Habit

Eating sugary chocolate a lot over Easter isn’t great for teeth, but it isn’t anywhere as bad as something like smoking or excessive drinking which is extremely bad for your oral and general health. Get help quitting from your GP, pharmacist or online services.

Happy Easter from Crown House Dental in Egham!

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