October 2018

Your Egham dentist wants you to know about the latest in denture innovation!

Standard dentures are much better than ever, but they only go so far into ensuring your smile is as secure and natural as it can be. With standard dentures you can have a more beautiful smile, better confidence, eating ability, speech, facial structure and better long term oral condition than if you didn't do anything about missing teeth. Indeed, leaving missing teeth alone is never recommended and having dentures made at Egham dental is a great way to restore your smile. However, dentures are not without their faults. Even with the amazing denture-making team at your Egham dentist creating bespoke dentures than fit incredibly well, dentures can cause a patient problems that are beyond the parameters of this treatment. Those problems though can be fixed by a new, innovative, modern treatment known as "implant retained dentures". Implant retained dentures look, feel and function in a very natural way. No need for messy glue or covering your mouth in case your dentures pop out. With this incredible new treatment your smile can be functional and beautiful again. Your smile can be secure for the first time in a long time, giving you back your confidence. What's Wrong With Standard Dentures?

Your consultation at Crown House Dental

Here at your Egham dentist we ask that we see you for a consultation before specific types of treatments can go ahead. We offer all kinds of professional cosmetic, restorative and general dentistry and many treatments are heavily in demand. Often patients want to come in and get started right away because understandably, having a new smile is exciting! But the consultation is often the very first step in your journey, and it forms an important part of that journey. We don't always need to see you for a consultation before treatment, but sometimes we do, and we wanted to tell you why that is. What Is A Consultation? A consultation is our first meeting with you to discuss the treatment you want. It forms the first step in your detailed, bespoke treatment plan moving forward. The time it lasts for depends on the treatment that you are coming in to talk to us about. Some consultations need to be longer because there is more to discuss and we need more time to do important diagnostics like X-rays or to take impressions of your teeth or gums. Some consultations can be shorter as the screening process is less detailed. We can book your consultation during our opening hours at a time most convenient to you. Just call us on 01784432641 and our friendly dental team will help you. They will book you an appointment during our opening hours, which are Monday to Friday 8.30am to 5.00pm, and ensure you are booked in with the right member of our team. They can also provide you with some basic information over the 'phone if you need it. When Does A Consultation Occur?