June 2018

Crown House Dental In Egham Takes A Closer Look....

Here at your Egham dentist we support any healthy diet that is balanced and full of all the necessary vitamins and minerals. Veganism can count as a 'strict diet' and it is a good idea to chat to your GP before starting any new strict food regimen. Today, we want to talk to you about the vegan trend and your teeth. After all, what you put into your body has to go via your mouth so, whatever you choose to eat has a huge effect on your smile. Newspaper reports from this year suggest there are over 3.5 million vegans in the UK, plus many more vegetarians and people reducing how much meat they get in their diet. So it is certainly a trend that isn't going anywhere anytime soon. With that in mind, here are the potential benefits and pitfalls of a vegan diet in relation to your smile:

The Potential Negative Impact A Vegan Diet Could Have On Your Smile

If you do not follow a balanced vegan diet, there are certain issues that could affect your teeth negatively such as: Juices & Smoothies If you're going into veganism from a health food perspective you may be consuming more juices and smoothies than you did before. Vegetable juices and vegetable based smoothies are generally good for your teeth and body. However, fruit based juices and smoothies can be high in sugar and highly acidic. This could wear down enamel and contribute towards erosion and decay of the teeth. Vegan Junk Food

Get your children on board with oral health care!

For children, the loss of their first tooth is huge news. It is a really big deal and the same goes for each tooth afterwards, until all the baby teeth are gone. For most children, it is exciting for two reasons. One reason is the fact that it means you are 'growing up' and are a 'big boy or girl now'. The second reason though, is much more exciting, and that is the fact that a lost tooth means that the tooth fairy is going to be paying you a visit! Every family has different traditions, but mostly the tooth fairy means a small amount of money, treats or another gift that the child has been asking for. They go to sleep with their tooth under the pillow in a special box or pouch and in the morning the tooth is gone and in its place is the gift from the tooth fairy in the morning. It is magical just like Christmas or Easter, and it is also an excellent way to promote tooth care to your children. Here are some tips on keeping your child engaged with oral health using the tooth fairy character to help! Start Telling Them The Story When They Are Very Young Before your child loses any teeth they should be excited about the tooth fairy. They should also know that the tooth fairy really cares about tooth health and if you don't look after your adult teeth underneath, or your baby teeth, the tooth fairy might not come. You can package this in a way that suggests that the baby teeth need to be clean, healthy and nice so the tooth fairy wants to leave something in exchange for them. In the same way kids need to be 'good' for Santa to come, they need to care for their teeth so that the tooth fairy comes to visit them! Leave Special Tooth Fairy Gifts

What if treatment abroad goes wrong?

Dental tourism is becoming increasingly popular at the moment. This is because everybody wants the perfect smile, but not everybody wants to pay UK prices for it. This is a concern for clinics like your Egham dentist because of the potential risks and consequences associated with getting dental work overseas. If you are considering becoming a dental tourist and getting treatment on holiday, please consider some of the potential downsides before you make a booking, and a potentially life changing mistake! What Is Dental Tourism? Dental tourism is where you seek out treatments abroad and then base a holiday around your trip. So you go away, you enjoy your holiday and have a set time during your week or two weeks where you have treatment, then you go home. There is usually no follow up trip, no consultation, and aftercare is not included. Why Are People Having Dental Treatments Abroad? In modern times, celebrities have perfect smiles and the treatments they had to get those smiles are widely spoken about. Veneers, teeth whitening and implants are common examples of the types of treatments that are popular because of celebrity culture. In the UK, the prices of these treatments are competitive, but not as competitive as treatments abroad. Those treatments come with potential risks and consequences, and aren't always what they seem; but the opportunity for a cheap holiday and a new smile all for less than the treatment in the UK is too much for many people to resist. What Are The Risks Of Dental Tourism?

It's National Smile Month!

National Smile Month is run by The Oral Health Foundation, a 'not for profit charity' with a focus on oral health. It runs for a month every year and this year it runs from May the 14th to June the 14th. The month itself puts a spotlight on everything oral health, from prevention of diseases, to fun facts about the smile and teeth. However, the organisation works throughout the year to bring attention to oral health causes and works with governments, organisations, the dental trade and many more people and businesses, to help to improve people's lives when it comes to oral health. National Smile Month highlights three important messages within oral health which are: ●     We need to brush twice a day for two minutes, using a fluoride toothpaste ●     We need to attend dental checkups every six month, or as often as advised ●     We need to avoid sugary and starchy food and drink These messages are really important, and here at Crown House Dental in Egham, we wanted to delve a little deeper into these points, to help you keep your oral health in tip top condition. Brushing Twice A Day For Two Minutes Is The Foundation Of A Great Oral health Regime