May 2018

Think Again....

With the rise of cosmetic dentistry and the popularity of having the perfect smile, comes the rise in members of the public seeking the lowest price for treatments. Of course, everybody should shop around for the best possible quality treatment at the best possible price. However, that isn't something that you are necessarily going to get by going abroad for your dental work. Dental tourism is something that some people are choosing to opt for this year, in order to get the perfect smile at the seemingly perfect price. It is tempting to go on a sun drenched holiday to a beautiful country and have your smile treatments lower than UK prices. However, it is certainly not the glorious escape it is cracked up to be and in the long run, it could be a real pain, both physically and financially. Here are some of the issues with dental tourism: Cheap Components Whether you are having dental implants, crowns, bridges, dentures, veneers or any other dental components, they could well be made cheaply abroad. That means that they are not as durable, they might not look as good, and worst of all, in some instances the materials used might not even be safe. Lack Of Consultation At your local Egham dentist you can expect a thorough consultation to check you are suitable for the treatments offered to you. Certain treatments are not available to patients with certain medical conditions, lifestyle habits or dental histories. Every patient is treated as an individual. With dental tourism, you could be accepted for a treatment without prior consideration of your oral health or lifestyle, which means certain treatments like implants could fail. A Lack Of Expertise

Spruce up your smile ready for summer at Crown House Dental in Egham!

Selfies are fun everyday, when we do fun things. They are even more fun though, when we have holiday experiences to shout about. Hotdog legs, selfies with a drink by the pool, stories of adventures and perfectly clear sea water and white sand. Who wouldn't want to brag about that with a quick selfie? Regardless of whether you're going to Blackpool or Bermuda, there's one thing that makes any selfie stand out, and that is a beautiful smile. Your smile says you're having a great time, it says you're happy, and it makes literally any outfit look great! Do you feel your smile is at its best? Are you confident about your smile? Or would you love to have a smile that was whiter or straighter? Here at your Egham dentist we have a wide variety of cosmetic dentistry treatments that can turn your smile up a notch, and hopefully help you feel some restored confidence in what should be one of your greatest assets. Check out these cosmetic dentistry treatments for the perfect selfie smile this summer: Teeth Whitening We use an at home whitening system called Polanight which is just as effective as in-house teeth whitening. It uses specially made trays and whitening gel which you use together every night for around 7 to 10 nights until we reassess the colour of your teeth. It is the perfect pre-holiday treatment for anybody wanting a bright, white smile that helps rejuvenate the whole face. Hygienist Appointments Our hygienists can provide a scale and polish to give the teeth a quick boost before your holiday. It gets rid of any surface stains and cleans the teeth so they look fresh and beautiful for your trip. Veneers

9 Great Meatless Foods For Your Oral Health!

Most people would admit that they could eat more fruit and vegetables in their day to day diet. With so many lovely convenience foods around, it can sometimes be easy to forget to include the healthy things we need, and many of us can fall short of 'eating the rainbow' day to day. Unfortunately, avoiding fruit and vegetables isn't good for our overall health and statistics show that not eating enough fruit and vegetables can result in an increased risk of head and neck cancer. As it is National Vegetarian Week, here at Your Egham dentist we wanted to offer you some extra reasons to make increased efforts with including more meat-free foods in your diet, especially fruit and vegetables. Here are 9 of the best meatless foods for oral health: 1. Cheese Cheese is known to be excellent for the teeth because it is jam packed full of calcium. Calcium helps to strengthen the teeth and although it is high in fat, a recommended portion size of a matchbox a few times a week will help to boost your oral health. 2. Apples Apples are fantastic for the teeth because they are mildly acidic which is thought to provide a natural whitening effect. They also have lots of fibre and nutrients to feed your body with good stuff, all whilst naturally stimulating the gums because of their texture. 3. Strawberries Strawberries are over 90% water and so they are a wonderful way to 'eat your water', helping to keep you hydrated and away from sugary drinks. They are also acidic and also thought to be good for whitening the teeth. 4. Celery

Why It's A Last Resort For Dentists

Your natural teeth are incredibly well designed for the job they do. They have been designed to fit together perfectly, to chew and rip off bits of food, to grind and help you digest, to help form the shape of your face, to help you talk and to help you express yourself. Nothing else apart from a natural tooth looks or feels the same, and as dentists, we want to help you keep your teeth for your entire life. Sometimes, your teeth might need a little help because of dental issues like disease or damage. When this happens, we will always do our best to suggest treatments that are all about saving the teeth. We know sometimes, to some patients it may seem cheaper, simpler and less painful just to have a tooth removed. Particularly when the area of the extraction is back into the mouth where the loss of the tooth cannot be seen. However, the effects of this kind of loss are more far-reaching than you might realise. What Happens When A Tooth Is Extracted? When there is a tooth missing, the other teeth tend to move, which could cause them to look different, and may also affect your bite. If you do need a tooth removed, then your Egham dentist will make the actual procedure of extraction as comfortable as possible, but afterwards there is still a slight risk of infection and possibly some healing pain. Replacing teeth can also take up a lot of time and effort, as well as extra costs you wouldn't have to pay if you still had your tooth. There is also the impact tooth loss can have on the way you eat and speak. So having a tooth out is less-straightforward than you first might imagine. How A Dentist Will Try And Save Your Tooth

What are the risks?

Are you trying to lose weight? Has the glimpse of sunshine re-motivated you to get back on your diet and health kick? If that is the case, you're probably thinking about your calories, exercise regimen and the way your clothes fit, not your smile. The problem is, weight loss can have quite a big impact on your dental health and it is important to understand how different ways of dieting can affect your smile. A Low-Fat Diet Eating long-term with low-fat dieting in mind can actually impact on important vitamins being absorbed into the body. Certain vitamins like vitamin A, D, E and K are all important for the health of the body. Vitamin D however, is very important for dental health because it enables the body to take in calcium effectively. If you cannot absorb calcium effectively then your teeth and bones will start to suffer. Fat also has a role to play in helping you with mood boosting chemical dopamine, so when fat is reduced you can feel more stressed, which may cause you to grind your teeth more when you sleep. You may also find that you are consuming more sugar without realising because low fat items often have a high sugar content which is sneakily hidden from the main product advertising. Low-Carb When you have been on a low-carb diet for a while, your breath begins to smell like nail varnish remover. It is a strong smell produced by the body when you burn fat instead of carbohydrates. This means bad breath, which isn't much fun when you are chatting to others and can cause self consciousness. Although you can reduce this issue with extra brushing, flossing and sugar free chewing gum, the only real solution is consuming carbohydrates again. Low-Calorie