March 2018

Happy Easter from all of us at your local Egham dentist, Crown House Dental!

We are all excited for Easter, not just because it is great quality time to spend with family and friends, but also to get excited about the new season with Spring finally arriving. The nights are getting longer and lighter, the weather is warming up (no more beasts from the east please!) and the plants are sprouting. There is so much to celebrate! The only problem is, Easter can be a bit of a minefield for the teeth. There's so much sugar and indulgence around, the teeth can suffer a little with it all. So with that in mind, here are our 8 top tips for a tooth friendly Easter to smile about: 1. Switch Out The Eggs For Other Treats Your kids will want chocolate, but they will probably like some other kinds of treats as well. Why not switch some of the eggs they would usually have for non-food treats of the same value? 2. Get Crafty Getting crafty helps your whole family spend time together, without hurting the teeth. Make Easter bonnets, decorations for your Easter tree and homemade Easter cards and get creative! 3. Focus On Sunday Lunch Easter Sunday lunch is the biggest meal of the whole weekend, and it is a good excuse to get really creative in the kitchen. Make a wacky starter, and get the kids involved in making the stuffing balls, or cutting up vegetables in Easter shapes. Think outside the box and make it into an event. 4. Watch An Easter Film

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World Oral Health Day is celebrated on the 20th of March every year, and it is a really good chance to give your oral health routines and habits a bit of an MOT. Here at your Egham dentist we will take any opportunity to help our valued patients have a happier and healthier smile. So on World Oral Health Day 2018, please read this quick MOT check to ensure you're looking after your teeth and gums as well as you could be: Brushing Brushing is so important and it is often underrated when it comes to the influence it has over the health and aesthetics of your smile. You might think your brushing habits are perfect, but it is worth asking yourself these questions first:
  • Is you toothbrush right? Is it too hard, too soft, is the handle comfortable, does it get changed regularly, does it enable you to reach all the different parts of our mouth?
  • Are you brushing right? Are you reaching all parts of your mouth? Are you brushing too hard or too soft? Are you brushing for two minutes twice a day?
  • Are you brushing at the right times of the day?
Think carefully about your brushing technique, tools and timings to figure out if your brushing is as effective as it should be. Your Egham dentist can help you ensure your brushing habits are effective. Eating & Drinking

Key factors which will help you keep up with regular visits to your dentist in Egham.

Here at Crown House Dental in Egham, oral health is at the heart of what we do, and we make a continual effort to ensure we offer an excellent selection of the latest dental treatments in restorative, cosmetic and general dentistry. However, we understand that it is just as important to ensure all other elements of what we offer are just as useful and appealing. It really is important for you to like your dental clinic. Take a look at these winning elements of an excellent dental clinic so you can recognise exactly what to look for when you register at your local dental surgery: Cleanliness You should expect the dental surgery to be clean and tidy. The room where you have your teeth checked should of course be pristine. No dirty corners, broken tiles or grubby sinks. You should also expect the rest of the surgery to be clean as well. A clean and tidy reception and waiting room will help to instantly put you at ease, and help you feel assured that those running the clinic prioritise hygiene. Comfort Cold and clinical dental clinics don't make anybody feel relaxed, and they aren't somewhere you want to be. Dental clinics designed for families are made to provide maximum comfort so that patients can relax before their appointment. Great Staff!

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Gappy teeth can mean gaps in between every single tooth, or it can mean one big gap in between the top front two teeth. Many people with these kinds of gaps in their teeth are happy with them and some people embrace them and love them as unique quirks of their overall aesthetic. Madonna, for example, is famous for that gap and many people find her all the more attractive for it. However, some people really don't love their teeth with gaps in, so much so that it makes them self conscious about their smile and they wish there was a way for their smile to be different. If you can relate to this feeling, Crown House Dental has some good news for you. There are actually many solutions to gappy teeth that we have to offer. Your Egham dentist is completely equipped to help you get your smile confidence back with a selection of professional restoration and cosmetic dentistry treatments for gappy teeth. Cosmetic Bonding For Gappy Teeth Cosmetic bonding for gappy teeth is a really good, affordable solution. It can be done in less than an hour in some cases, and works well with small gaps between the teeth. It works by a skilled dentist placing cosmetic dental material on the teeth to effectively fill the gaps in a completely natural looking way. Veneers