January 2018

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Charcoal has long been something we relate to barbeques and maybe a touch of art. These days it is now in facemasks, supplements and hair treatments. This is because it is thought to have detoxing qualities that grab lots of bad bits and remove them. Here at your local Egham dentist, we have also noticed charcoal is now being used to whiten and clean teeth in the form of toothpaste and tooth cleaning powders. Is it safe? Does it work? Let's take a closer look at this recent health trend. Activated Charcoal - The Basics The product used on teeth is activated charcoal, which is a treated form of carbon. The carbon absorbs bits of dirt and toxins into its pores when used, and then it is washed away taking the bad bits with it. Activated charcoal used to be used thousands of years ago as a tooth cleaning ingredient, but that stopped once more sophisticated methods of tooth cleaning arose. Should You Use Activated Charcoal? As with any health trend, there are concerns about activated charcoal. The first concern is that it is abrasive which some feel could cause damage to the enamel on teeth with long term, regular use. Another concern is that the charcoal could be absorbing things like medication and nutrients along with the bad things it collects. At the very least, some think that charcoal products are a waste of money because they just don't have the time on your teeth to make any real difference to them. It isn't all bad though, some feel that the tooth treatments are beneficial in fighting bad breath and in whitening teeth to some extent. There are certainly many people who use charcoal toothpaste as an effective toothpaste that gets rid of surface stains better than other brands they have used. Realistically, the best thing to do before you start using a new product like charcoal toothpaste is to speak to your Egham dentist who can advise you on its suitability for your teeth. Charcoal Cleaning And Whitening

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Here at Crown House Dental we often get asked what the difference is between professional teeth whitening at the dentist, and whitening at a beauty salon. It is important to answer this question because having teeth whitening at a beauty salon is likely not only unsafe, but almost certainly illegal. The Tooth Whitening Revolution Over the last decade, dentists have gone from providing restorative and general dentistry treatments, to offering cosmetic dentistry too. This happened because celebrities began openly talking about the treatments they had done to enhance their smile, and so, public demand prompted general dental practices to look to provide cosmetic dentistry at an affordable price. Now, most dental surgeries offer some types of cosmetic dentistry, with teeth whitening being one of the most popular treatments offered. TOWIE (The Only Way Is Essex) played a big part in the surge in modern culture obsession with extremely white teeth! Beauty Salons Want A Piece Of The Pie When teeth whitening began appearing as a treatment in dental clinics, it also began appearing in lots of other places. Beauty salons, spas and other places now offer teeth whitening, usually at a cut price. Sounds great right? It does sound great but unfortunately it is a really bad idea to have your teeth whitened anywhere but at your Egham dentists or other suitably trained dentist. There are a few reasons for this....

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The New Year doesn't have to bring dramatic transformations. You might already have plenty about your life that you love and are content with. There is, however, always room for better health habits. Your oral health can always be improved, because your eating habits, hygiene habits, personal habits and body are always changing through ageing, pregnancy, sports and lots of other life events. A great start to better oral hygiene in 2018 is to pay a visit to your Egham dentist. Unfortunately, many people don't visit the hygienist as often as they should, but it is never too late to start visiting and forming better habits. What To Expect When You Visit When you go to visit your Egham dentist for a hygienist visit you'll begin your appointment with a medical history check. Your dental hygienist will want to know about things such as medication you take, any medical conditions you have, and any issues you have with your teeth or gums. Following a medical history check they will want to know about how many times a day you brush your teeth, when you brush them, what type of toothbrush and toothpaste you use and if you use additional cleaning tools like mouthwash and floss. They will also want to know about your diet, and about any habits you may have that affect your teeth, like smoking.

2018 - Your Best Year Yet?

2018 is finally here, which means a whole year of opportunity ahead of you. A whole year to develop healthy habits that make you feel great, and maybe even live a happier, healthier, longer life. Struggling for inspiration? Your favourite Egham dentist has 5 healthy habit ideas to help you get 2018 off to an amazing start: 1. Eat More Fruit & Vegetables This year the government suggested changing its recommended daily portions of fruit and vegetables from 5 a day to 7 a day. 'Veganuary' has taken the country by storm, plant based cuisine is even being talked about in Coronation Street! Whether you eat dairy and meat or not, there's no getting away from the fact we could all do with eating more fruit and vegetables. Check out NHS Livewell for tips on eating a diet with more fruit and vegetables. 2. Meet Up With Your Friends More Socialising is very important and helps us feel less isolated. Isolation is thought to be as bad for you as diseases like diabetes. Make more plans with friends, or better still make plans to make new friends by starting new hobbies. Meetup.com is a really good place to start, matching you with local groups who meet based on their hobbies. 3. Go Outdoors Ecotherapy (enjoying activities outdoors) is recommended by MIND UK as a proven technique to help those with mental health issues feel better. The Japanese government also recommend it as a proven way to improve health. Whether you walk down the street for ten minutes or you go for a long walk in the countryside, you'll benefit from being in the outdoors. 4. Get Checkups