August 2017

Don't do it!

Children will get loose teeth as they go through the natural stage of losing their baby teeth whilst the adult teeth push through. This is entirely normal and nothing to be worried about. A common mistake people can make when their child's teeth are wobbly is encouraging the child to yank the tooth out, or allowing them to do so. There are course some instances where a parent may yank the tooth out themselves - but here's why you shouldn't! Why Yanking Out A Baby Tooth Is Unnecessary This could be for various reasons, but it is important to recognise that it is always a bad idea. In virtually all cases, the baby tooth will fall out on its own because the roots will dissolve on their own. They will eventually have nothing keeping them attached to the mouth, so even if the tooth seems to need help, nature has designed this process well, and they should come out on their own even if they are taking their time. The Complications Of Yanking Out A Baby Tooth The complications that can happen when you yank teeth out are undesirable and avoidable and can involve having to pay a visit to your Egham dentist. They could also mean unnecessary pain and suffering for your child, as well as permanent damage to the mouth in some cases. Some common complications of yanking a baby tooth include: Bleeding The gums may bleed if a tooth is taken out prematurely, and can happen if a tooth is wiggled out, but this is much less likely if the tooth is ready to come out. To control this bleeding, hold clean damp cloth on the affected area until the bleeding stops. If it continues after several minutes you need to contact a local dentist straight away. Pain

Great dental hygiene for healthier teeth and gums.

Many people don't realise that hygienists have their own set of skills and training and are able to operate independently to a dentist. However, they work in a practice alongside dentists and other members of the team to provide a complete service to you, our valued patients. Dental hygienist services are available at your Egham dentist alongside general dentistry treatments and services, and cosmetic dentistry. Hygienists have special training to enable to have a focus on preventing gum disease and oral health issues and this all helps you maintain a happy smile together with a great oral health routine. A hygienist will also offer services such as teeth cleaning where they get rid of buildups of plaque and tartar that could lead to gum disease and tooth decay. Why Dental Hygienists Are So Important Many people don't realise that dental hygienists are extremely important. Their advice and guidance helps to ensure you avoid oral issues that can be prevented with just a little care and diligence. One such issue is gum disease. This is a leading cause of tooth loss and dental hygienists offer lots of important advice and treatments to help you avoid getting gum disease in the first place. This service is so important because it means patients avoid having to go through the symptoms and complications which can also have further effects on the overall health of the body. The Extra Skills Of A Hygienist

Why they matter....

Here at your local Egham dentist we offer a wide range of services including modern cosmetic dentistry and most general dentistry treatments. One of the main services we offer is a 'checkup'. This is where you come into our friendly clinic and your experienced Egham dentist will examine your mouth, teeth and gums and then discuss your current oral health and how they would recommend improving it. This might be with treatment, and/or a change in personal oral hygiene habits. Your dentist also checks for signs of oral cancer, and other symptoms that may indicate other health issues away from the mouth. Despite checkups being quick, easy and so important, a lot of people don't regularly visit the dentist. This can be for a wide variety of reasons including:
  • Having a busy life and not finding time to come
  • Worrying about a dental pain but having dental anxiety
  • Not registering with a new dentist when moving house
  • Fear of the costs
  • Forgetting to make the appointment
All of these problems can be rectified with solutions such as:

Plan ahead to quit!

You might be thinking 'why on earth is my Egham dentist talking about an event in October when it's still summer?!'. Of course we're not willing these lovely warm days away, but we do want you to start thinking about Stoptober in relation to your health. If you haven't already heard about it, Stoptober is an event ron by the government to help people quit smoking for a whole month, as if you manage to quit for 28 days your chances of quitting for good are greatly increased. We all know the risks of smoking, but if you do currently smoke, it could be worth reminding yourself of the reasons that quitting is a good idea this year. Ex-smokers who have successfully quit will know that planning to quit well ahead of the intended quit date is really important. It enables you to put all the measures in place you need in order to quit. So although October seems so far away now, it actually means that you have a good couple of months to prepare for it, if you start thinking about a suitable date now. When you're a smoker, planning to quit quickly isn't a successful tactic because it makes you panic, you don't have time to prepare for things like parties and events that will be a struggle, and you might quit at a very tempting time such as when you're going on holiday or to a festival. So, with all this in mind, (and now you can trust us that we aren't wishing the summer away!), let's look at plenty of oral health reasons for you to consider planning to take part in Stoptober: Smelly Breath Smokers have stale smoky breath that they often can't detect because smoking has an effect on the taste and smell senses. Gum Disease