June 2017

Inter-dental cleaning and why it's important.

Flossing is not something that is deeply ingrained in oral health regimes within society in the UK. Britain has never really caught on to flossing, and yet in America it is unthinkable for most not to floss. So in the UK, many people are confused about whether or not they need to be flossing, they don't know how to floss, or even how often to do it. For this reason we wanted to give you the facts on flossing so that you can make your own mind up about it, after all, we all want to look after our teeth, so the more you know, the more able you will be to maintain great oral health and smiles. Here are some facts about flossing: You Do Need To Do It Despite there being no advertising for it, it is something you need to do. It removes the plaque from between the teeth where toothbrushes cannot reach, and so it protects that part of your teeth from the damage plaque causes. You Don't Do It As A Child You don't floss as a child because you don't really need to; however, you should start flossing around age 12, with supervision and help when learning how to do it at first. Learning How To Do It Takes Practice

Stay in shape this summer with simple tips from Crown House Dental, Egham.

Summer is officially here, and we appear to have had at least one day of sunshine with more on the way! So, now we can properly get the flip flops out, dust off the barbecue and look forward to all the food, socialising and relaxation that comes with the summer months. Of course, summer comes with a lot more photo opportunities, which can be a bit of pressure when you have spent all of winter and a lot of spring wrapped up in coats, and scarves. No matter how beautiful you are, you likely feel the pressure of looking your best now much more of you is on show. But we're not here to bore you with bikini tips and bikini diet advice, after all, you will probably only spend two weeks of your summer at most on holiday; but what about the rest of summer? Instead, we are going to give you some simple and easy summer beauty tips that will keep you looking fresh in the warm weather, so you can enjoy yourself safe in the knowledge that most photos you are tagged won't need to be swiftly sent off into the dark universe to be forgotten about forever! Use Sun Cream There is nothing glamorous about sunburn, and especially not about placing your body in danger. If you want to avoid looking old before your time, and getting skin cancer, then you need to commit to using SPF sum cream; particularly on hot, bright days in summer. You can find out more about sun care on the NHS Live Well Website. Hydrate

Braces For Adults With Crown House Dental Practice In Egham

As a child, it is quite normal to have braces, and it is almost a 'right of passage' for a child moving into adolescence. But what happens when you don't have braces as a child, and so you're left with issues like overcrowding, gaps, wonky teeth and more? Perhaps you lack confidence because of these issues, or perhaps you want an even nicer smile than you have now but you think unsightly braces are the only way to fix the problem? So should you have braces? Are the only options traditional braces? Could you face social situations and work whilst wearing traditional braces? Here at your popular Egham dentist, we have plenty of solutions for adult orthodontics. Of course you can have traditional braces if you need them, and want them. For some people, traditional metal braces as an adult are a really cool thing to have; indeed various celebrities have sported them, and some people think they look very fashionable. However, not all adults see traditional braces as an option. Some people hate the idea of having treatment that can affect how they speak, or how they eat. The actual look of braces is not something that some adults feel would suit them, or their lifestyle. They are quite an adjustment to make and you have them for potentially over a year; so it is a big decision to commit to that, along with having them adjusted and working around food and talking during that time. But if you don't feel traditional braces are for you, there are other options available! Adult Braces

Why you get them and what to do about them

Dry sockets can occur when you have had a tooth removed. When you have had a tooth extracted and you're waiting for the gum to heal, there can be complications, and one of them is a dry socket. It is quite common for this to happen and nothing to worry about as long as you seek advice; however, you may be concerned about it because it can be uncomfortable and in some cases, painful. When you have gone through the process of having a tooth removed, possibly after it was already really painful from infection, and you are sore from the tooth removal already, the last thing you want is anything else making your mouth even more uncomfortable. Why Dry Sockets Happen Dry sockets happen when you get a tooth extracted. When you have a tooth removed, a blood clot occurs which promotes healing in the gum, the same as when you cut yourself and you get a scab. Sometimes this process is disrupted because the clot breaks down or it gets broken off. This means that the socket will not heal as quickly. You will have had the extraction in the first place because the tooth was chronically infected, because the tooth was damaged, or because it had decayed to such a point it needed removing. Once removed it should, with a blood clot in place, be a bit sore, but heal really quickly. When you have a dry socket, the pain gets worse and other issues arise, such as bad breath and a nasty taste. These symptoms tend to be there most intense a week or two after the extraction has occurred. The pain with a dry socket can be quite bad, and often the pain spreads across the face and even to the neck, eyes and ear. There isn't an exact science as to why dry sockets occur, but there are certain situations and circumstances that make them more likely such as: