May 2017

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Apicoectomy is something a lot of people haven't heard of and like many medical procedures, it sounds a lot more complicated than perhaps it is. For that reason, we wanted to let you know what an apicoectomy is, so if you need one, you don't worry and you feel reassured that it is actually very beneficial and could be the procedure needed to save your tooth. So What Is An Apicoectomy? In some ways, an apicoectomy is a step further than a root canal treatment. When you have a tooth infection that goes all the way in your root, then you need root canal treatment. This is where the dentist goes into the tooth root and cleans out all the bacteria and infection causing you pain and other symptoms. If you have repeated infections, or the root infection runs deeper than previous infections, your dentist may consider an apicoectomy. To assess the condition of your tooth, the entire gum area is numbed so that the dentist can access at the root level to evaluate further. It may be that another root canal is appropriate; however, it might be that the root is so badly damaged you need the whole tooth removing. Where your dentist feels the root is healthy enough, but the localised infection is bad enough, an apicoectomy may be warranted. The roots will be cleaned out just like with a root canal procedure, but the dentist will go one step further and slice the tip off the root off and seal it. This gives a greater chance of the infection being fully removed, hopefully protecting your tooth from further issues in the future. Does An Apicoectomy Guarantee Tooth Health For Life?

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Caring for an elderly relative is something most people will do at some point in their lifetime. It involves a lot of time, patience, and sometimes physical and emotional endurance as well. There is a lot to caring for an elderly relative, and oral care forms an important part of that. No matter what age a person is, it is important to ensure their teeth and mouth are in good health. Good dental hygiene is always important. If you are caring for an elderly relative, there are lots of aspects of their oral health you will need to consider. Here are some considerations to make when it comes to your elderly relative's oral care: GP & Dentist Support It is so important that you ensure you are getting support from your relative's GP and dentist. Regular visits to both will ensure that any potential issues are spotted early on, and treated. Your GP can help with things like changing medication if it is causing dry mouth, or investigating potential oral health symptoms that indicate health issues elsewhere in the body. Your Egham dentist will be able to check oral health, ensure teeth and gums are healthy, manage dentures and also check for potential oral health issues as well. Your dentist, in conjunction with a GP, can also help with solutions to unavoidable health issues or medication that could be causing symptoms like dry mouth. Tooth Decay A person prone to tooth decay or at risk of tooth decay may be able to use high fluoride toothpaste prescribed by the dentist. There are also fluoride treatments available for those who need it. Gum Disease

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Piercings are nothing new. There are records of humans piercing parts of their body all the way back through history, in many different (sometimes eye-watering) ways. So, as a society we're used to piercings and people having them. However, one thing that is new, is our awareness of the risks of piercings, particularly when it comes to oral piercings and their effect on oral health. If you are considering getting your tongue, lip, cheeks or gums pierced, it is important you consider the health risks and implications so that you make an informed decision. Here are some of the risks of oral piercings: Tooth Chipping It is easy to chip or fracture your teeth with oral piercings. During sleep, whilst talking or eating, metal piercings can hit the teeth and cause fractures or chips. Little chips or fractures might be amended with treatments like minor fillings or bonding. However, deeper fractures may even cause you to need much worse, like having a tooth removed. Gum Damage Some studies have suggested that oral piercings can cause gum recession. Jewellery can rub against the teeth and pull the gums away from the teeth which in turn opens the teeth up to sensitivity as the root is exposed. You could also be more prone to infection. Gums may also become sore and infected from a repetitive injury caused by oral piercings. Swelling

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One of the most common issues we are asked to help with here at our Egham dentists, is toothache. 'Toothache' is essentially any pain that occurs in the teeth, gums and jaw. Although it is usually because of tooth damage or tooth decay, it can be caused by lots of different things, and it can be felt in many ways. It might be intermittent, or constant and consuming food or drink can often make it worse. The pain might be worse when you're in certain positions, like lying down; it might feel like it is radiating from the ear, from the forehead, or even from the nose. It may also be difficult to know where the pain is coming from because it may seem to move around, it may be referred pain, or it might be a general dull ache with no specific location. However, if it is coming from an infection, then the pain might be very specific to one area. There are many different forms of what we know as 'toothache'. What Causes Toothache? Toothache can be caused by a lot of things, but as a general rule, it suggests inflammation of the nerves and blood vessels in or around the tooth. Toothache can be caused by lots of things, including; damaged or cracked teeth, tooth cavities, issues with fillings, gum recession and dental abscesses. It may be that the toothache is referred from an issue elsewhere, such as a gum abscess, an ulcer, wisdom teeth pushing through, jaw pain or aching or sinusitis. When To Call Your Egham Dentist?

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As we leave the many (many) Easter egg wrappers behind and start thinking ahead to summer, personal aesthetics start to become important again. Summer means less layers to hide behind, and maybe even the potential to sport a bikini or two. This is frightening enough for some of us, but what if you felt a lack of confidence all year round, and worse, under confident about a part of your body always on show? Here at Crown House Dental in Egham, we understand that many people have a real problem with their teeth. Staining over the years, never addressing a childhood bite issue, overcrowding, chipped teeth, sports injuries: there are so many reasons a person can lose confidence in their teeth and smile. This lack of confidence can cause avoidance of the dentist, avoidance of social situations, and it may even cause a person to cover their teeth with their hand when they laugh or talk. If this is you, this summer, why not take control of your smile again and get the dental treatment you deserve? Your Egham dentist has a wide variety of treatments to help you get a fully restored, beautiful smile - just imagine laughing without having to worry about your teeth, or smiling just because you want to show off your pearly whites! How We Can Help You Get Your Smile Back