March 2017

'A lister' smiles....

Here at your local Egham dentist we offer all the latest cosmetic dentistry treatments including teeth whitening, cosmetic bonding, adult teeth straightening and more. We know that today's society is highly influenced by celebrity culture, and many people want to replicate celebrity smiles. What we often see is a perfect smile and wonder how we could achieve that look ourselves. Well, we're not ones to gossip at your local Egham Dentist, but here are some rumoured celebrity dental transformations and how they are rumoured to have been created, so you can gain more of an idea of how an A list celebrity smile is achieved: 50 Cent 50 Cent used to have a large gap in his front teeth and it is rumoured to have been fixed using cosmetic dentistry. He didn't have everything perfected though as he wanted to retain some individuality to his smile. Miley Cyrus Miley Cyrus did have invisible braces during her childhood but apparently opted for more extensive cosmetic dentistry as she ventured into more edgy songs and a more edgy image. Demi Moore Demi Moore is famous for having had a lot of cosmetic surgery on her face and body, so it makes sense that she also had extensive cosmetic dentistry to ensure she has a beautiful smile to match. Before all the work, her teeth were allegedly quite stained and crooked, whereas veneers are said to have resulted in her having a perfectly straight and white smile. Jim Carrey Jim Carrey actually used his chipped tooth as a quirky aesthetic which landed him (along with his acting talent) jobs such as The Mask and Pet Detective. Later on he had the tooth bonded but sometimes removes it for comedy effect if we are to believe what we read in the press. Catherine Zeta Jones

Modern orthodontics - your options at a local Surrey dentist.

In today's society we are all constantly exposed to perfect images of models, actors, social media stars, and other people just like us, all smiling perfect smiles, with perfect teeth and lips. Although some people are blessed with perfect smiles, or their dental care from a young age has cultured a strong and healthy smile, many things can contribute to any one of us not having one we are happy with. It might be that staining, injury, bad habits like smoking, untreated gum disease or other factors have caused our teeth and smile to be less than perfect. It might also be that genes have caused yellowing teeth, crooked teeth, or a particularly 'gummy' appearance. Our own confidence and opinion of our smile is a very personal thing, but the good news is that there are lots of treatments that can help correct aesthetic dental issues that may cause us to be dissatisfied. One of the most common issues with the aesthetics of the teeth, is crookedness or overcrowding. Here at Crown House Dental in Egham we offer the latest in adult and teenage teeth straightening to help correct this problem. Modern Teeth Straightening At Your Egham Dentist

Don't neglect this basic but essential oral health tool.

Oral health brings lots of new treatments every single year, as dental technology advances. Cosmetic dentistry in particular is advancing at lightning speed and there are new innovative treatments available all the time, for all manner of cosmetic issues. It is important though, whilst such new and exciting treatments come out, to remember the grassroots of our smile care. To remember the very basic foundations of excellent oral health, because we wouldn't have a smile to improve or enjoy without a routine to keep it healthy. One of those key foundations of basic oral health care is toothpaste. Something most of us use but never really think about, apart from perhaps the odd comment on flavour, or even trying out a new toothpaste to see if it whitens or offers help with sensitive teeth. Toothpaste is often overlooked, but it is really important and it is something that we should know about more, because it plays such an important role in the mouth. Predominantly it is there to help us clean the teeth, but it also strengthens them, cleans the gums, freshens breath and helps to break down plaque. It may also help with removing food or drink debris that can contribute towards staining. Which Toothpaste To Use?

Looking after children's teeth and gums at your local dentist.

Here at your local Egham dentist in Surrey, we offer the latest and some of the most advanced dental technology to our patients. From general dentistry offering vital services like routine checkups, tooth straightening, bridges, crowns, and hygienist services, to cosmetic dentistry offering 'A list smiles' with tooth whitening, veneers and more. We pride ourselves on offering the entire family the necessary dental treatment they need, and clearly children's dentistry is a big part of what we do - looking after tomorrow's adult smiles. A child's oral health is so important in terms of the smile they will have as an adult. Why Are Baby Teeth So Important? Baby teeth are saving the space for the adult teeth when they come through, but that doesn't mean they aren't important. Baby teeth help to provide the structure in your mouth which aids your speech, which is so important to a child who is still learning how to talk and express themselves. They also help the child chew and digest, and they help them smile. Damaging baby teeth can have a deep effect on a child's development, and on the smile they will have as an adult, so it is very important they are looked after. Children's Oral Care At Home In between your child's checkups at Crown House Dental in Egham, a strong oral health regime needs to be in place so that they are able to fully understand the importance of caring for their teeth. From cleaning their gums when they are a baby, all the way to supervising them brushing their own teeth later on, the emphasis should always be on how great it is to care for the teeth. The toothbrush and the toothpaste don't matter quite as much as getting the child to really want to invest in their oral health. Techniques like setting a good example, talking about being grown-up and looking after teeth, making a two minute brushing time song, talking about big smiles and happy teeth etc are all great ways to get your child more invested in their oral health. Your Egham dentist can of course support you with this from day one, and give you advice, tips and supportive hygienist treatments during your child's visits with us. Crown House Dental & Children's Dentistry

Sympathetic dentistry in Egham.

Dental phobia affects lots of people, and here at Crown House Dental in Egham, we have lots of useful ideas to help our patients get the vital dental care they need, working through and often past deep dental phobias. We also know that some patients have mild phobias, or general anxiety when they visit us, which is completely normal and common. For this reason, should you feel any worry or anxiety when visiting us, we want to suggest some easy relaxation techniques to help you enjoy a comfortable visit with Crown House Dental: Square Breathing Square breathing is a really simple technique where you close your eyes, and imagine a big square. Set your mind at one corner, then breathe in and count to three whilst you travel across to the next corner, then pause for three there, then exhale and count for three as you travel to the next corner. You simply keep repeating this to regulate your breathing and feel more relaxed. Self Hypnosis If you have an appointment coming up, self hypnosis might be a great way to get you through it, you just need to commit to watching or listening to a video that works for you every day in the lead up. There are free hypnosis sessions for helping overcome dental anxiety on-line and some people find that they really do help. Just remember you need to give it time to work, so don't try listening and watching the night before when you are less likely to focus. Belly Breathing