February 2017

Boost that fruit and veg in your diet!

You may have noticed that the media went wild for the headline that we now not only need to eat 5 portions of fruit and vegetables, but 10 a day instead. A little deeper look into the headlines actually clarified that the studies, which originated from Imperial College London, suggested that 5 a day is really good, but 10 a day is better because it helps provide an increased protection against diseases and other medical issues. Here at Crown House Dental in Egham, we don't know whether or not these studies are right or wrong, but we do know that fruit and vegetables do provide many different benefits to your oral health. Still not sure why you should include more fresh fruit and veg in your diet? Perhaps these reasons fruit and veg benefit your oral health will inspire you to add more plant goodness to your daily meals: Naturally Whitening Your Teeth You can get cosmetic dentistry to whiten your teeth, but clearly free and natural methods are preferable. Certain fruits like strawberries can naturally whiten your teeth because they contain an enzyme called malic acid. Crushing the strawberries and rubbing them on your teeth is a delicious way to naturally whiten teeth. However, the effect is small so please don't expect too much and don't go too far! Naturally Cleaning Your Teeth Lots of different types of fruits and vegetables can help to naturally clean your teeth. Vegetables that are crunchy or stringy, are fabulous for the teeth because they are getting in-between the gaps in the teeth and breaking down debris on the teeth and gums. Increasing Your Saliva Production

A quick look at the workings of your mouth.

Sometimes we can get so caught up in what our smile looks like or could become with cosmetic dentistry, we lose touch with the very basics of how it works, and how our main oral areas works too. So, your local Egham dentist wanted to bring you a really basic rundown of how your entire oral area works, so you can feel better informed about how and why you need to take such good care of it. The Mouth The mouth is essential for your digestive system, your speech and for controlling the air that gets in and out of your body. The teeth sit within the mouth and help us chew food, talk and they help maintain the shape of the face. Within your mouth you also have a soft palate and a hard palate, both which have lots and lots of important jobs to do. The centre of your mouth contains the tongue which is a large muscle within the mouth that helps you taste, create saliva and swallow food. Saliva is extremely important to the mouth and helps to begin the digestive process by breaking down food. It also helps to get rid of nasty bacteria that can attack the teeth. Framing the mouth are your lips which protect the inside of the mouth, the lips contain muscles that help them move. Along both arches of the mouth sit the teeth which are made from cementum, enamel, dentin and pulp and an adult human has 32 permanent teeth. What Your Mouth Does

Spruce up your mouth with this oral care advice!

This Valentine's Day, you're could well be looking forward to some indulgent time with someone special, whether that is a friend, a new date, a partner - there's something great about having the excuse to celebrate your special relationship together. As your mouth is integral to Valentine's, whether that is through smiling to impress a new date, whispering sweet nothings to your loved one, or maybe even catching a cheeky smooch, it is so important to show your mouth some love this February the 14th. Here are some top Valentine's Day tips from your local Egham dentist: Avoid Food That Gives You Bad Breath! Onion and garlic are notorious for giving temporary bad breath, as even when you have brushed your teeth, or left it a day, they get into all your pores and come out through your breath, and sometimes through your sweat! Avoid garlic and onion for a few days before Valentine's to avoid bad breath caused by smelly food. Get Oral Issues Checked Out If you have had persistent bad breath for a while, it may be caused by a medical issue in your body, or an oral issue in your mouth. If you suspect it is an oral issue, come and see your Egham dentist to get the root cause identified and treated. If the issue isn't coming from your mouth, you need to see your GP to rule out causes like diabetes, stomach ulcers or kidney problems. If you have any other oral issues causing you pain or bad breath, you should come and see us before your next check up so we can stop the problem progressing and help you back on your way to a healthy mouth. Keep Your Mouth Moist

What to consider?

Here at Crown House Dental in Egham we offer a wide variety of cost-effective treatments using both general and cosmetic dentistry techniques. Amongst these are our very popular treatments which focus on restoring your smile back to being healthy and looking great. There are many different types of treatments available and which one suits your needs really comes down to the outcome you want, and the current health status of your smile. What is exciting, is that techniques are available ranging from those to correct minor issues, all the way to completely transforming severe dental problems. There are usually various options to help restore even the most damaged smile. If you are considering restorative dentistry, there are lots of things to consider such as: ●     What are the problems I have with my smile? ●     What would I like to change about my smile? ●     What is my budget for getting my smile fixed? ●     How much time do I have to get my smile restored? ●     How much work do I want doing? Is it a minor adjustment, or a complete makeover? Most commonly, people want restorative dentistry to fix things like crowded, misshapen, stained, gappy, missing or overlapping teeth. Often the issues will have been bothering a person for some time before they visit us. Things like dental stains can be fixed using tooth whitening, but if the staining or discolouration runs deeply (something we can only find out after an examination), veneers may be more of a suitable option.