December 2016

Commit to changing your personal oral care ready for 2017.

During this quiet period between Christmas and New Year, here at your Egham dentist we want to encourage you to think about healthy changes you might want to make in the New Year. Oral health is a key part of your overall wellness, and this time of year is wonderful for making changes to improve it. Along with hefty New Year's resolutions like changing career or going travelling, there are small changes you can make that will give you big health benefits. Little things like getting a new toothbrush more often, booking a dental appointment or chewing more sugar free gum might seem like they are too small to even bother with, but little changes do make a big difference overall. So today, your Egham dentist is encouraging you not to make huge dental health changes and plans, but little ones that you can be consistent with. Here are some examples to help inspire you: Committing To Always Brush Twice A Day This sounds so obvious, but it can be easy to become lax with habits, especially at this time of year when there are so many parties going on. Committing to always brushing your teeth twice a day is a great commitment to your oral health. Committing To Always Brush For Two Minutes This is a big one, and often something that comes up when we delve a little deeper into a person's oral health habits. Just because you brush twice a day doesn't mean it is effective. Brush for two minutes, thoroughly brushing each area, starting somewhere different everyday. Registering With A Dentist

Don't let over-indulgence spoil your smile!

Christmas celebrations almost always revolve around food in some way. The problem is, we as a country, just love to indulge. There's something so exciting about a glass of mulled wine and a mince pie with friends. Most people do at least try and follow a healthy diet, but at Christmas, the majority of people absolutely forget any healthy eating plan, and get stuck into every chocolate and pastry going. You might know that your waistline expands over Christmas, but did you know that your teeth also suffer during the festivities? Dental emergencies often soar at Christmas, and many people find themselves in discomfort with their teeth because of overindulgence. At Christmas we enjoy ourselves and relax, but we commonly find ourselves at risk of damaging and neglecting our teeth, and it really isn't fun having a dental emergency over Christmas. Here are the top foods to consume at Christmas that won't damage your teeth:
  • Cheese - Cheese is a wonderful Christmas treat, and luckily chunks of it won't do any harm to your teeth. In fact, cheese is good for your teeth because it is full of calcium.
  • Nuts - When cracking nuts from their shells, be careful to completely separate the shell as a chomp on nutshell is a recipe for disaster. If you manage to do that, or you choose to consume shelled nuts, your teeth are in for a safe treat jam packed with healthy vitamins and minerals.
  • Broccoli and other vegetables - Are great for the teeth as not only are they not going to cause any damage, but they also provide a good source of vitamin A.
  • Turkey - Full of protein, turkey is great for the teeth because it is easily chewed and full of phosphorus, calcium and vitamin D.
But Always Avoid! - Cracking nuts with your teeth, cracking bottles open with your teeth, chewing on toffees if you have dentures or braces, and biting down on ice or hard sweets. General Happy Smile Tips

Look your best as the season's festivities begin.

The festive season is a fun time for most, with lots of parties and social events bringing everyone together. However, the festive season can be torturous for those who struggle with confidence at social events. Whether it's your smile, or your inner-confidence causing you to feel like you would rather hide at home than attend a Christmas party, the easy tips in this article should help you. Tackling The Issue From Inside Out! It doesn't matter what dress you wear, how great your smile is, how perfect your makeup is - if you're struggling with confidence then every social event is going to be tricky. Follow these tips to help you go from wallflower to party queen: ●     Arrive before it gets extremely busy - this will help you avoid the natural stares that happen when you arrive at any party (we naturally and subconsciously check out who is around us). ●     Arrive with other people - if you're not drinking, why not offer a lift to people attending, or see if you can tag along with others you know are going, this takes the attention away from you. ●     Practice calming breathing well before the event. Equal breathing in for five and out for five slowly helps us calm down and feel more anxious than we need to. ●     Dress in a way that makes you feel great - whether it's a dress, good underwear or killer heels - whatever makes you feel great, wear it. ●     Be social - it might seem like the worst thing ever, to talk to people, but people will be more receptive than you think. Introduce yourself, compliment them and smile. Is Something Else Causing You To Lack Confidence?

A closer look at this relatively common condition.

Acid reflux is an uncomfortable condition where the stomach acid comes back up, through the esophagus and into the mouth. Many people suffer with it, commonly after fried, greasy or spicy foods, although each individual will have their specific triggers. Usually, a gastroenterologist or your GP will help treat the condition, however, your dentist actually forms part of your healthcare team for this specific condition because it can also affect your teeth. What Causes Acid Reflux? Lots of things can cause it, including certain medications, your diet, eating habits, weight gain, and certain medical conditions. What Are The Symptoms Of Acid Reflux? Common symptoms of acid reflux are: ●     Heartburn ●     Acid coming back up the throat ●     Difficulty swallowing ●     Hoarseness ●     Chest pain not associated with the heart ●     Dental issues How Does Acid Reflux Affect The Teeth