October 2016

Gift Dentistry From Crown House Dental In Egham.

Christmas is certainly a wonderful, social, happy time for many of us. It is also a time where we give lots and lots of presents. This is great and it feels so good to give the perfect present doesn't it? The problem is sometimes it can be really hard to give a gift that will be genuinely appreciated by your loved one. Rather than getting perishables like alcohol or food, or an item of clothing that will be out of fashion before the January sales, or a piece of jewelry that will only see the light of day once a year, why not consider getting the person you love something truly special, exciting and long-lasting instead? Giving your loved one cosmetic dentistry as a gift could make them smile, could make them more confident and it could even change their life if they are extremely self-conscious about their teeth. Before you know it, Christmas will be upon us so its time to start thinking about what you're going to be gifting that person you love so much. Could cosmetic dentistry be the gift to make their Christmas one to remember? Here are some of the cosmetic dentistry services we offer at your friendly Egham dentist for you to consider: Teeth Whitening One of the most popular treatments we offer, our teeth whitening system can transform the look of teeth extremely quickly. At our Egham dentist we provide an at home whitening treatment where we carry out an initial assessment, create a personalised gel tray and then provide instructions on how to use all of the set at home. The results are very quick and the facility to complete treatments at home is very convenient. Adult Teeth Straightening

Too many sweets this Halloween? Watch out for decay....

This Halloween, there will be plenty of ghosts, scary clowns, witches and monsters around, as well as plenty of fun games, parties and music. The UK has truly embraced Halloween over the last few years as American traditions make their way over here, and the witching hour becomes a much bigger occasion. We're not here to spoil the fun of course, but this Halloween, Crown House Dental in Egham would like to raise parent's awareness of the bigger risks of damage to their children's teeth during this holiday period. Following "trick or treating" your child is going to have a big bag full of sweets. This is beyond exciting for children, but parents need to remain aware of the heightened risk of tooth damage. You probably won't avoid sweets altogether unless you choose to remove your children from the celebrations completely, so it is worth instead working around what will happen to minimise the effects of the sweets instead. Here's how: Fill Your Kids Up With Healthy Food Before The Witching Hour Before you take your children out to trick or treat, fill them up on healthy food so they won't be nibbling on sweets through hunger. Make sure they know if they don't finish their meal they won't be getting any sweets (to avoid them staying hungry to consume more of the naughty things!) Provide Healthy Treats Along With The Naughty Ones Provide healthy treats along with the sweets and chocolate, like playing Halloween music, watching a scary film, or playing Halloween themed games. So although they might only be allowed a certain amount of sweets, hopefully they won't notice because they will be playing fun games and enjoying other things! Give Them A Set Period Of Time To Eat Sweets

Making the best dental choices.

Hopefully, finding a great dentist isn't too difficult, and it goes without saying that  it is very important. There are many well qualified, professional, highly trained dental teams in the UK, including our popular Egham dentist; Crown House Dental in TW20. Finding the right one for your family ensures you are able to maintain excellent oral health and there are many things to consider when choosing for your family, including: GDC Registration You should expect any UK dentist offering you dentistry services - general or cosmetic - to have GDC registration. To work legally in this country as a dentist, any of the following have to be registered with the GDC - the governing body for dentistry in the UK:
  • General Dentist
  • Dental Nurse
  • Dental Technician (Standard & Clinical)
  • Dental Hygienist
  • Dental Therapist
  • Orthodontic Therapist
  • Specialist
Any bona fide dental surgery will be happy to provide you with the GDC number of any of its qualified staff. Training & Certifications

Evaluate the risks before opting for dentistry overseas.

Here at your local Egham dentist we offer a wide range of general and cosmetic dentistry procedures that, as you would expect, are professional and utilise latest techniques. However, we know that not everybody looks to seek local dentistry services, and some people choose to pay for their dentistry abroad. People choose to have dental treatment abroad because it is at least on a basic level, cheaper than dentistry in the UK. A comparative price for treatments, particularly cosmetic treatments would certainly show it is cheaper to have them abroad - at least on face value. Popular treatments might include things like teeth whitening, implants, crowns and veneers. The apparent advantages of doing this only tends to revolve around the treatment costs and potentially the surroundings you are in when getting the treatment done. People might travel to various places in Europe, and even further afield to places like Thailand and Africa for dental tourism. The Problem With Dental Tourism The key issue with dental tourism is that there are many risks associated with doing it. Any UK dentist will have had their fair share of patients coming in needing additional care and treatment following negative incidents surrounding dental tourism, and indeed most people have heard stories of the associated horror stories experienced by people who have done it.  Key risks of such "dental holidays abroad" include: Qualifications & Regulations