August 2016

See how cosmetic dentistry in Egham can help you prepare for your big event!

There are few things more beautiful than a stunning bride in a wedding dress, grinning from ear to ear at the occasion. If you're planning your own special day, you more than likely have a lot of planning to get done before you can even think about relaxing and enjoying what should be the most incredible day of your life. A lot of preparation goes into a wedding, much of which relates to the bridal outfit - the dress, the makeup, the hair, the shoes. One thing people now think carefully about, which they may have not done in the past, is cosmetic dentistry for their big day. Cosmetic dentistry used to be reserved for the elite and for the Hollywood A-Listers, but now, with dental technology having evolved and with prices being much more competitive, we can all have the perfect wedding day smile. The most popular cosmetic dentistry treatment patients have at our Egham dentist is teeth whitening. Having your teeth whitened comes at a reasonable price, and is able to produce pretty incredible results - life changing for some patients. It is however, important to remember that we don't offer teeth whitening to everyone, because we are all different and not everyone will get the same results. Different types of teeth discolouration will respond differently; grey staining or tints will react differently to yellowed teeth, a person with gum disease cannot have teeth whitening until the disease is resolved, and certain dental restorations like fillings or bridges do not whiten so can actually look darker against other teeth following a treatment. These are just some of the reasons we ensure patients come in for a consultation, because we would only ever perform a treatment if it was safe and suitable. We can also offer alternative cosmetic dentistry treatments if whitening is not suitable. Types Of Whitening

Oral health tips if you're travelling.

If you're about to go on a trip, you're bound to be excited and collecting lovely holiday clothes, accessories, holiday money and other essentials. When we are planning on going away we put a lot into picking the right clothes, planning our trip and even packing a little first aid kit in case of illness while we are away. But most of us would admit the same amount of thought doesn't go into preparing our teeth for travel. Sure we might buy a cute travel toothbrush and toothpaste, but that will usually be the maximum effort put in. But this can be a big mistake because happiness on our holidays actually relies on us having healthy, happy teeth too. Bright smiles for beach selfies, strong teeth for chomping lots of delicious holiday food - our teeth need to be tip top for our trip! So here are some tips to get your teeth travel ready: Have A Checkup Pre-Trip Try and have a checkup before your holiday if possible, especially if you missed your last one. Having a thorough examination at your local Egham dentist is important to check any issues before they crop up and cause you problems on holiday. Write Down Your Dentist's Number If you do have any dental issues while you are away, you might be able to save yourself a trip to a foreign dental practice by calling your local Egham dentist. They might be able to tell you if an issue can be treated when you get home rather than while you are away, and they might be able to recommend a product that can help in the meantime. Plan For An Emergency

Simple oral healthcare advice for busy people.

Here at your local Egham dentist we are passionate about providing you with fast, efficient, high quality dental care. Part of that service, is giving you useful information to ensure you are able to ensure your oral health routine is excellent between visits to our surgery. Of course you already know what to do to keep your teeth clean - you brush them twice a day for two minutes, but there are tons of other things you can do to keep your teeth healthy as well: Drink Lots Of Water Staying hydrated is so important for all of us, which makes sense, we're mainly made of water! In terms of your oral health staying hydrated is important for a few reasons. Firstly tap water contains fluoride which helps keep your teeth healthy. Water helps rinse away recent stains, or bacteria that can be harmful to teeth. Drinking water also helps keep your mouth moist which is important as saliva helps combat nasty teeth harming bacteria. Snack On Healthy Food Try to keep a cap on the amount of sugary snacks you consume on a daily basis. How sugary a snack is isn't as important as how often you have that sugary snack. The bacteria that live inside your mouth naturally eat the food on your teeth, and when they eat the sugar sticking to your teeth they release acidic waste harmful to teeth. Repeated consumption of sugary snacks can lead to cavities.

Why you may need to get booked in at your local Egham dentist.

Patients visit us regularly for check ups, but unfortunately there are lots of people who don't. Whether they are scared, worried about the finances or because they think their teeth are fine. Whatever their reason for not coming to see us, it is important to recognise there are plenty of reasons to make that dental appointment right now. Hopefully these 8 reasons to see a dentist will inspire you: Dental Health Is Not Just Affecting Your Mouth - Dental health has an impact on your overall health. There are many studies pointing to the link between various parts of your body and your oral health. Gum disease has been linked to scary diseases like heart disease and strokes, and what's more, symptoms in your mouth can be signs of issues elsewhere, which won't get picked up on if a dentist isn't checking the area regularly. You Have Bad Breath - If you do have bad breath this may be a sign of something more serious like a kidney issue, sinusitis or issues with the lungs. Your Teeth Have Suffered Over The Years - If you have wear and tear that has taken its toll, maybe you have missing teeth, gum disease, old fillings or root infections, there's never been a better time to get it treated. There's no need to suffer anymore.

A 'smile makeover' for a special day from your Egham dentist.

A big, confident, bright smile makes all the difference. It not only makes you look younger, appear more attractive and friendly, but it makes you feel good too. Whether you're getting ready to get married, go on a big date, or for a holiday, you want to be sure your smile is at its best; here's how: When You Don't Have Much Time There are so many times throughout your life when you really need the best smile. Sometimes you might even need it to help you out a little - in a job interview, or when you're trying to win somebody over. Smiling has so much of a positive impact on so many things including: ●     Helping you feel more confident ●     Making you look younger ●     Making you appear more attractive ●     Making you feel more confident So it makes sense your smile will be a top priority when it comes to preparing for a big event. But there isn't always tons of time to prepare, which is why one of our primary recommendations would be tooth whitening. We can perform the treatment in-house in one hour, and the results are truly dazzling. Depending on the current shade of your teeth, you could see them lighten many shades whiter. We may have last minute appointments available, but always require a consultation as most, but not all, are suitable for the treatment.