May 2016

Crown House Dental in Egham answer your questions about braces.

Here at your local Egham dentist we provide a wide range of orthodontic services, including fixed braces. This type of treatment isn't particularly fast and is a big change, especially for children. So it really isn't much of a surprise that we get lots of questions about the treatment, all of which we are happy to discuss during appointments. In the meantime, this list of the most common braces questions we get, and our answers, should help you feel a little more informed: How Long Are The Braces On For? This is individual to the person but a set of fixed braces will often be on for up to a year and sometimes more. How Many Times Do I Need To See A Dentist During The Treatment? Every 6 weeks to 2 months you'll be popping in to us for brace readjustments. These readjustments ensure the treatment is constantly being as effective as possible. Will It Hurt After Appointments? When you first have your brace fitted your mouth is likely to be slightly sore and perhaps a little uncomfortable but this will quickly change and you'll feel more comfortable as time goes on. Taking over the counter painkillers (check for child suitable dosage/versions with the pharmacy), using a clear dental wax, and consuming soft foods that won't aggravate your mouth will all help you feel more comfortable. Will I Sound Different When I Talk?

Your local Egham dentist discusses how to keep your smile in tip-top shape.

Summer is finally here! Sure, it might not be 30 degrees outside, and the sun might only be glimpsing every now and then through the clouds, but that doesn't mean you can't smile right? Being British, we will smile on even the wettest summer day, and get our barbeques out at the first sign of a vaguely warm day. We also celebrate our humble summers with a lot of delicious treats. Pimms and lemonade, ice cream, iced drinks, frappuccinos - the list is endless! The problem with these yummy things, is that they might make us smile in the short term, but in the long term, they have the ability to stop us wanting to smile altogether, because they can be very damaging to oral health. It's not all doom and gloom though, there's every reason to enjoy summer fully without making any sacrifices, here's how: Don't Use Your Teeth As Tools Your teeth are part of the digestive process. You use them to grind and break down food so you can swallow it. Unfortunately, teeth often get used for more than they should, and become substitutes for tools. You might bite ice lollies with them, rip open wrappers or even open beer bottles with them (opening beer bottles with your teeth is extremely dangerous and should not be done at any time). These habits can be really bad for your teeth and wear them down, or potentially break them or crack them. Be patient with your ice lollies, your teeth need you to be! Protect Your Teeth During Sports

Why modern braces are a much less daunting prospect than traditional versions.

Braces used to be a terrifying prospect for children, especially with children elaborating fabricated stories about how they could go wrong and how much they hurt to wear. Luckily, over recent years, braces have actually become quite trendy, and believe it or not, some children are actively requesting them even when they don't need them! Of course, we would never recommend a child has braces unless it is medically necessary, but if they do need them, a positive attitude is fantastic and we love it when children leave us smiling after a fitting. However, no matter how trendy they are, and how well our Egham dental staff have explained the procedure, some children can feel hesitant and worried about their brace fitting. This is normal, and often comes from a simple fear of the unknown. If a child is worried about a brace fitting we recommend they visit our local Egham dental clinic and simply talk to our staff about their worries, before they are due to get their braces fitted. We are a family friendly dentist and we have lots of ways to make them feel comfortable and confident in their dental care. Alternatively, or as well as, we thought a few Q&A's about the actual fitting might also be useful if you have a child getting their braces soon: How long will the fitting take? This does depend on each individual child, but we would always allow between one and two hours. What Happens During The Procedure? Your teeth with be thoroughly cleaned and dried before a bonding glue is applied to your teeth. The dental brackets are then attached and all you will experience at this point is a slightly unpleasant taste. After this is done, the arch-wire is applied and the secured using elastic. This procedure may vary depending on the patient's needs, individual circumstances and the type of braces which are being used. Is It Painful?

Banish stained teeth with the latest cosmetic dentistry

Stained teeth are an extremely common cause of distress in many people, so it comes as no surprise that it is one of the leading reasons people seek cosmetic dentistry treatments to improve their smile. Teeth may be otherwise straight and beautiful, but yellowing or staining can bring the smile down, affecting confidence levels and causing a smile to not be as bright as it could be. Here at your local Egham dental surgery, we understand that teeth staining is problematic, which is why we have a wide range of affordable and professional treatments to help. What Is Teeth Discolouration? Your teeth can become a different colour either by stains on the outside, or issues on the inside. There are three main types of discolouration - extrinsic, intrinsic and age related. Extrinsic is where the outside of the tooth is stained by things like food, drink or smoking. Intrinsic is where the inside of the tooth is discoloured (this can occur for various reasons). Age related is where your teeth naturally yellow over time. Other reasons teeth may become stained are injuries, medicines and diseases. Signs Of Tooth Discolouration The signs are always visible, you don't need a special diagnosis to spot tooth discolouration. You may notice your teeth look a bit yellow, there are white streaks on the teeth, or brown spots on the teeth - everyone is different, including how they feel about staining. What one person considers barely noticeable may be a very difficult and noticeable issue for another. Prevention

Regular check-ups and prevention of gum disease.

At our Egham dental clinic we are passionate about preventing dental disease. Gum disease remains the leading cause of tooth loss in the UK, so there's still a lot of work to do when it comes to working with patients to help them not only manage gum disease if they have it, but avoid and prevent it where possible, with maintenance and education. Preventing gum disease is extremely important because it has been linked to lots of other health conditions, including diabetes and heart disease. This means that when we help you avoid or manage gum disease, we help you with your overall health as well as your dental health. Visiting The Hygienist Tooth decay and gum disease can often be found together. Decay can be prevented with excellent dental hygiene habits alongside preventative measures like fluoride toothpaste, fluoride applications and fissure sealants. With gum disease prevention, our hygienist at our Egham clinic is a leading source of knowledge and experience. She is able to: ●     Give you advice and guidance on how to clean your teeth - there isn't one method that fits all when it comes to brushing and it is important to know the method that works best for your teeth ●     Give you advice and information about gum disease, talking you through how best to prevent it ●     Give you advice and guidance on how to avoid look after your gums properly in a way that is convenient and manageable for your lifestyle ●     Provide a scale and polish removing any hardened plaque ●     Give you a fluoride application and other treatments that might be needed ●     Apply fissure sealants ●     Perform some diagnostics like X Rays How Is The Hygienist Different From The Dentist?