January 2016

More about this common dental treatment.

At our Egham dentist we provide a broad range of general treatment as well as a wide range of cosmetic dentistry, the latter of which is increasing in demand. Porcelain crowns come under both of these categories. Made from a very natural and aesthetically pleasing looking porcelain, they are created and added to improve your smile. They can also be used to match other teeth whilst strengthening the tooth structure you already have at the same time. Crowns are usually the type of restorative dentistry used when a filling simply won't work any more, or isn't advised. Fillings can, when used in the wrong instances, weaken the tooth, whereas crowns provide support from underneath. When You Might Need A Crown There are lots of instances where you might need a crown instead of a filling, and we may recommend it on its own or as part of a wider treatment package depending on your needs. You may need a crown when:

Prolong the effects of teeth whitening....

Professional whitening is extremely popular at the moment, and here at our Egham dentist we have seen a huge surge in existing and new patients enquiring about this great cosmetic dentistry treatment. With it being so financially accessible nowadays, with options like payment plans and the ability to have it done in-house or at home with take-home trays, there's now more reason than ever for everyone to get the perfect celebrity smile.

Why Get It Done?

Teeth can become stained over time for many different reasons including: ●     Ageing ●     Dental diseases ●     Habits like smoking or chewing tobacco ●    Drinking or eating food that stains the teeth These stains may not be an issue for some, but for others they can spoil the aesthetics of a perfectly beautiful smile. Some people may even avoid smiling because they are so ashamed of stains on their teeth. Patients have been known to come away after having a whitening treatment grinning and smiling constantly because they cannot believe the difference. This one treatment can take years off a person's appearance, in as little as an hour with the in-house option.

Keeping Teeth White After Whitening

Kick off 2016 in style with a beautiful smile!

It is nearly halfway through the first month of the year and many of us are still just about coming around to the fact Christmas is over, with New Year's resolutions being a huge talking point in many conversations at the moment. Here at your local Egham dentist we are very excited about 2016 and all the new opportunities to provide exceptional dental services to our valued customers. We thought it would be really useful to give you some great ideas for New Year's resolutions relating to your oral health. Many people never think of oral health being any subject for change, but there are many reasons it is actually a really important subject to include in your resolutions. Here are just a few ideas to help you get started:

Smile More

This is the most basic resolution around, but it really will count! Did you know: ●     Frowning takes over 40 muscles, but smiling takes just 17 ●     When we are out, we are 80% more likely to talk to someone we don't know if they smile at us ●     A smile is the thing we notice the most when we first meet someone ●     When we are trying to find a new partner a nice smile is the physical attribute we look for the most, above body shape and nice eyes So before you do anything else, try to smile more, it has so many benefits and it's so easy to do!

Eat Nutritious Food

Happy New Year from Crown House Dental Practice!

Our Egham dentist is so happy to welcome in this brand, spanking New Year and we hope all our wonderful patients had a fantastic Christmas; we certainly did!

365 Brand New Days Of Smiling

At this time of year, we are more than aware many people start making New Year's resolutions, which can be huge, like quitting smoking or changing jobs, to minor changes like drinking one less glass of wine a week, eating less chocolate or spending more time with loved ones. So we thought it might be a great idea to give you some oral health related New Year's resolutions so you can make this year's smile, your best yet:

Smile More

This is such a lovely resolution, we just can't see why anyone wouldn't want to do it. The only effort involved is actually smiling, which has been proven to be physically easier than frowning (43 muscles to frown, only 17 to smile), so why wouldn't you? Great reasons to smile more are: ●     A smile comes top of our list when it comes to thing we notice when we meet someone new ●     Smiles are rated our second most attractive feature ●     80% of us are more likely to talk to someone on a night out if they smile at us ●     When we are looking for a new person to date, a great smile is our number 1 priority