October 2015

Periodontitis - what is it and how can you control it?

We all hear about gum disease, particularly since the majority of toothbrush and toothpaste companies decided to make it the main feature of their adverts following shocking statistics outing it as the number one cause of tooth loss in the UK. Here at our Egham dentist we are happy awareness of the issue is being raised, but we do find the majority of our patients are still only really aware that if they spit blood when they brush their teeth, they could have gum disease. For this reason, we thought it would be useful to give you a bit more information about this nasty disease, so you can have even greater awareness of it. This will in turn enable you to avoid it as far as possible and take control of reducing or removing your own risk factors.

What Is It?

Gum disease is a selection of different issues which affect the structures around your teeth that keep them in place. If causes your gums to swell, go red and potentially bleed. If it progresses it can cause your gums to recede, cause tooth decay and eventually damage the bone and soft tissues keeping your teeth in place.

The Two Main Stages

Avoiding gum disease and decay.

When you come to visit our Egham dental practice, you might well be coming in for one of our most common dental appointments - a hygienist checkup. At Crown House Dental, most of our clinical staff are trained to provide hygiene treatments which we might complete as part of your general checkup. We also pleased to have Assia Ibn Chakroune working at our practice, who is a qualified dental hygienist and therapist and who focuses on helping patients refine their oral care plan in between visits. When visiting our Surrey dentist you will find we take enormous pride in the way we work, ensuring our patients have as much information as possible enabling them to feel completely in control of their dental care. As we love providing you with lots of useful information, we thought you might like to get a better understanding of the hygienist services we offer, and also know what to expect when you visit our Egham clinic for a hygienist appointment. Some people don't fully understand this very important job role and perhaps struggle to understand the difference between dental hygienist services and other mainstream general dentistry treatments. By understanding what a hygienist offers and what dental therapy is, you will be able to fully utilise and make the most of these services at our local practice.

So, What Exactly Is A Dental Hygienist?

Treatment for patients with misaligned teeth in Egham.

Here at our Egham dentist, we get lots of enquiries about teeth straightening. Although straight teeth are something that has always been desirable, and old fashioned tooth straightening techniques have been around for a long time, recently we have seen a surge in enquiries about this type of cosmetic dentistry, mainly for three reasons. The first reason is popular culture. Reality TV, magazines, social media and blogs all seem to show that everyone who is anyone has a perfect set of pearly whites. The second is because the prices of the treatments have dropped, making a perfect smile achievable for most budgets. The third is because dentistry techniques have advanced massively, and if you want straighter teeth you're no longer limited to old fashioned obtrusive braces that don't look aesthetically pleasing, and take a long time to have any real effect. Cosmetic adult orthodontics provides simple, refined, fast solutions for tooth straightening. The technology on offer is impressive and here at our Surrey dentist, we are happy to say we see most of our adult orthodontics patients looking amazed when we show them how the solutions work, how subtle they are visually and how quickly they work as well. At our clinic, we use a special tooth straightening system called Cfast and are happy to have Mr Sami on our staff who is fully trained to use the system. We have a lot of people using the system for effective results, and often those patients will also opt to have additional cosmetic dentistry treatments as well so that they can enjoy a complete smile makeover. Tooth whitening and teeth contouring can be great additions to teeth straightening treatments to create a complete smile transformation. At our Egham dentist we are incredibly proud to be able to offer our patients such a fantastic selection of revolutionary treatments that not only affect how the patient looks, but most importantly, transform how they feel about themselves, enabling them to smile with real pride.

What Does A Smile Makeover Involve?

Welcome to our new blog!

Here at our Egham dental practice, we like to ensure there are as many ways as possible to stay connected to our patients. As well as our website, phone, email and social media channels, we also wanted to provide you with a blog, enabling you to keep up to date with all the latest goings on at the practice, as well as being able to read about various oral health and dentistry related bits and pieces we think you'll be interested in.

So, What Can You Expect From The Blog?

We'll be letting you know about various treatments we offer at our Surrey dental practice, as well as giving you useful information about oral health care for your family, more detailed insights into cosmetic dentistry and general dentistry treatments, and blogs about our practice and our fantastic team at Crown House Dental Practice.

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